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Canadian Interiors Magazine

In Corporate land, the move to new and bigger offices may come at the price of losing those more intimate spaces that fostered the exchange of bright ideas. When fast-growing developer and builder Broccolini Construction needed to relocate to much larger, 32,300 square-foot quarters on Montreal, Rubin & Rotman Architects placed communication and collaboration among Broccolini's three major departments – real estate, estimation and construction – atop the priority list its design desiderata.

It may look like a Photoshop trick, but those amazingly precise honed boundaries on the new office's sloping and rectilinear wall, floor and ceiling planes are real. They act as massive wayfinding devices while showcasing the company's mastery of fit and finish. Angular pieces of wood veneer jigsaw-puzzled together highlight axial movement through the space while knitting together public areas, including espresso lounge, meeting and collaboration rooms, and reception area. Glass partitions allow for engaging views across the large open spaces.

The company expresses its graphic identity in bold cherry red. In the cafeteria/community area, vast expanses of the in-your-face hue build esprit de corps.

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