Community Involvment

Broccolini, September 5th 2013, Read the article

Community Involvment

In the presence of John Meaney, Mayor of Kirkland, and with a number of town councilors in attendance, Broccolini announced today their commitment to plant 21 trees in the community. The trees, varying in diameter from 80mm to 250mm, were planted along rue du Merlot in Kirkland the week of September 3, 2013. Broccolini has donated these trees to the City for its residents and visitors to the area to admire and enjoy.

This initiative is just part of the sustainable development plan intended for the City of Kirkland throughout 2010-1015 that sets out an action plan consisting of five main components which will improve the protection of biodiversity, natural habitats and green spaces. The planting of these 21 trees offered by Broccolini, will certainly help realize this objective.

"We are pleased to see that a company in Kirkland is so actively involved in the development and enhancement of our community. It is with the participation and involvement of all stakeholders in the City that we can contribute to the environmental sustainability of our community and meet the needs of present and future generations", said Mayor John Meaney.

Anthony Broccolini, COO at Broccolini and grandson to the founder, is delighted to have future generations see these trees grow. «The City of Kirkland has special significance for Broccolini as it is home to our Head Office; it seems only fitting for us to participate in this community's sustainable development program.»

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