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Victoria sur le parc

Hewitt Component Rebuild Center

Address: 5001 Transcanadienne, Pointe-Claire, QC, Pointe-Claire

Completion date: 2017

Building area: 27,000 sq.ft.

Contract: Construction-Management

As the authorized Caterpillar dealer for Central and Eastern Canada, Hewitt Equipment Limited provides equipment and services to industries such as construction, mining, forestry and transportation. Hewitt turned to Broccolini, their longtime partner, for the phased renovation of an existing facility, specifically the "5 Star" service department of their Pointe-Claire Component Rebuild Center.

This project comprises refitting works and repairs in the Component Rebuild Center (CRC). The Broccolini team worked in cooperation with the employees at Hewitt to minimize the impacts of the works on the daily operations in the Workshop and the Heavy-duty area. This collaboration contributed to a pleasant work environment and helped in keeping the project on budget.

First there was the establishment of a new piece of equipment for the high end Rottler machinery followed by the repair of the floor trenches in 2 sectors: Workshop and Heavy-duty area.

This was followed by a refitting of work bays in the Workshop area including degreasing, painting, installation of new jib cranes, new LED lighting and epoxy finishing for floors. Also, new oil pits with grating were established for oil change of equipment pieces.

Furthermore, Broccolini proceeded to establish new oil pits with grating in the Workshop area to facilitate the oil change of equipment pieces. Lastly, air conditioning (with new ventilation and isolated walls) was installed as well as a fast-action garage door.

Among the challenges faced during this project is the accommodation of employees at Hewitt to reduce the impacts on their operations. Also, an adjustment to a tight budget with limited work timeframe was required. Furthermore, there were unexpected situations requiring adjustments such as levelling and repair of a floor with a significant differential. Additionally, there was the necessary relocation of employees for structural repairs. Last was the space and accessibility constraint as well as the installation of new walls and pipeline.

As part of the unforeseen situations, we noted the presence of underground water which necessitated additional draining with a basin for pumping as well as the presence of existing foundations in the Rottler area and the relocation of existing pipelines for the new layout.

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