Broccolini has recently been informed of fraudulent recruitment activities targeting people outside of Canada. The suspected organization or individuals are sending employment contracts pretending to be Broccolini representatives and are requesting personal information to start an immigration procedure for employment in Canada. Please be cautious of these emails as they are considered fraudulent and a way of stealing money and identity as well as other personal information from you.

Broccolini’s recruitment process always includes in-person interviews with a member of our Human Resources team and/or a member of our management team prior to any official employment offer. Money would never be requested in exchange for a position or to secure a visa to enter Canada.

We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited employment offers from people with whom you are unfamiliar and suggest that you report them to your local authorities. If you think you have received a fraudulent employment offer, please forward it to and ensure to include the original subject line, email address of sender and complete message including attachments.

Victoria sur le parc


Bariatrix - 1999
Bariatrix is a leading manufacturer of weight-loss nutrition products. This 140,000 sq. ft. industrial building houses a production line, a warehouse space and offices. The building's design and construction were executed according to the standards of Agriculture Canada.
Mitchell-Lincoln - 1999
Mitchel-Lincoln is a Canadian industrial manufacturer of corrugated paper products. The Drummondville facility, was designed and built by Broccolini and is the largest production facility in Canada. The plant set a Canadian record, producing more than 1.5 billion sq.ft. of board.
Encore Spice
Encore Spice - 1999
The Encore Gourmet Food Corporation produces and sells food products such as spices, seasonings, herbs, sauces, and soup bases. In 1999, Broccolini Construction was mandated with the design and construction of the company's 120,000sq.ft. administrative building.
STS - 1998
STS Systems is a provider of advanced IT solutions for retailers of apparel and footwear. Broccolini designed and built STS's head office in 1988. Subsequently, STS entrusted Broccolini with the construction of two (2) expansions, one of which involved the construction of a second building, connected to the existing building via an atrium.
Wawanesa - 1998
Wawanesa, an insurance company founded in 1896, had some unusual requirements for the construction of its new head office. The new facility was built immediately behind the existing building, which continued to be used throughout the construction period. The existing facility was demolished to make way for elegantly designed landscaping.
Loblaws - 1998
Loblaw Companies Limited is the largest food retailer in Canada. Broccolini was mandated to accelerate the construction process in order to meet the client's delivery requirements.
Domtar - 1997
In 1997, Domtar requested the services of Broccolini for the management of renovations to its Montreal headquarters. The building of sixteen (16) storeys, each occupying 12,000 sq.ft., was transformed to accommodate the company's changing needs. Broccolini was selected for its flexibility and ability to adapt in order to remain within the budget.
Sanmina SCI
Sanmina SCI - 1997
Sanmina-SCI is one of the world's leading electronics manufacturers (ECM). Built in two phases, the high-tech facility includes a 50,000 sq.ft. air-conditioned production area featuring anti-static flooring and an 85 ft. clear span. Broccolini was selected because of its strong sense of ethics and the speed and quality of their work.
Nordx CDT
Nordx CDT - 1997
Nordx/CDT entrusted Broccolini with the design and construction of a facility that would house a manufacturing plant, research and development labs, warehouses, and office space. The design and construction of the facility was completed in under 3 months, ahead of schedule.
Maxi - 1996
An existing 60,000 sq.ft. warehouse facility was converted into a Maxi grocery store. This project involved the construction of 20,000 sq.ft. expansion to the existing building.
Wal-Mart - 1996
Wal-Mart, one of the world's largest retailers, came to Broccolini for the construction of their 105,000 sq.ft. store in St-Hyacinth. Broccolini also participated in the renovation of 3 of Wal-mart's other stores, working only nights and weekends as the stores needed to remain open for business.
Costco Distribution Center
Costco Distribution Center - 1995
Broccolini successfully designed and built Costco's 300,000 sq.ft. distribution center. Located in St-Bruno, the building was designed with a view to accommodate a planned future expansion of 330,000 sq.ft.
GE Hydro
GE Hydro - 1994
GE Hydro is a world leader in the use and control of water. GE Hydro has been supplying equipment to the hydropower and water control industries for over one hundred and fifty years. This new 40,000 sq.ft. building adjoins the existing century-old plant.
Mercedes Benz Silverstar
Mercedes Benz Silverstar - 1994
Silverstar needed to expand its existing facility in order to include a showroom for pre-owned vehicles. The project proved quite challenging as the work space was constrained, the extension had to tie in with the existing building, and the work had to be accomplished without disrupting the daily operations of the business.
Weinstein et Gavino
Weinstein et Gavino - 1994
Broccolini was mandated with the construction of this magnificent restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Montreal. The restaurant's exterior masonry is of hand carved limestone, made to harmonize with the street's original, historical architecture. The project also features a six (6)-storey of underground parking garage.
Cavendish Mall
Cavendish Mall - 1992
Broccolini was selected for two (2) renovation and expansion projects. The first project consisted in the restauration of the 1960s building in order to transform it into a modern multi-tenant shopping centre. The second project involved the construction of a sixth (6) floor to be built atop the existing building tower.
Molson Coors
Molson Coors - 1990
Molson Coors (at the time under Molson O'Keefe) required a facility for the reception and sorting of empty bottles. In 1990, this project represented one of Broccolini's largest and most important projects.
3773 Côte-Vertu
3773 Côte-Vertu - 1988
Broccolini was charged with the management of the construction site for this office building located in Ville Saint-Laurent, on the West Island of Montreal.
Future - 1987
FUTURE is a world leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of semiconductors and passive, interconnecting, and electro-mechanical components. FUTURE operates in 169 locations in 42 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
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