Broccolini has recently been informed of fraudulent recruitment activities targeting people outside of Canada. The suspected organization or individuals are sending employment contracts pretending to be Broccolini representatives and are requesting personal information to start an immigration procedure for employment in Canada. Please be cautious of these emails as they are considered fraudulent and a way of stealing money and identity as well as other personal information from you.

Broccolini’s recruitment process always includes in-person interviews with a member of our Human Resources team and/or a member of our management team prior to any official employment offer. Money would never be requested in exchange for a position or to secure a visa to enter Canada.

We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited employment offers from people with whom you are unfamiliar and suggest that you report them to your local authorities. If you think you have received a fraudulent employment offer, please forward it to and ensure to include the original subject line, email address of sender and complete message including attachments.

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Broccolini offers a wide range of services for the new construction, expansion, or renovation of office buildings and complexes. From general contracting and construction management, to comprehensive turn-key design-build projects, Broccolini can envision, plan, and build the space you need.

By working in close collaboration with our clients, we are able to accommodate their specific requirements in terms of construction, design and budget, and meet or exceed their deadline expectations.

As a real estate developer and owner, with a diverse portfolio of land and properties, Broccolini also develops, builds and manages office buildings and multi-tenant complexes bringing together complementary tenants to create successful business hubs. Broccolini can help you find the office space you need in the location you want and build or renovate to your specifications.

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ABB, a leading global company in energy and automation technology, establishes itself in the Saint-Laurent Campus of Technoparc Montréal. Operating in over 100 countries and employing over 140,000 employees world-wide, the company invested $70 million to create a new ultra-modern high-tech centre.

WeWork Bloor Street E.

Founded in 2010, WeWork offers more than just office space. Its primary mission is to create working communities and to allow its members to develop networking relationships. After building WeWork's second location in Montreal's L/Avenue condo, Broccolini was mandated to build the company's Bloor Street location in Toronto. The project consisted of renovating 2 floors of office space.

Broccolini Corporate Center - Kirkland 2

IQVIA previously known as IMS Health, is a global leader in providing information and technology services in the healthcare industry. The company was looking to renovate and convert their existing office spaces. They turned to Broccolini for the execution of this project which consisted of the renovation of two floors of the 3-storey building now part of the Broccolini Corporate Center - Kirkland 2 banner.

The New Maison de Radio-Canada

The CBC/Radio-Canada's Board of Directors has selected the Broccolini group to build the new Maison de Radio-Canada.

WeWork King Street

Founded in 2010, WeWork offers more than just office space. Its primary mission is to create working communities and to allow its members to develop networking relationships.

WeWork Richmond Street

Founded in 2010, WeWork offers more than just office space. Its primary mission is to create working communities and to allow its members to develop networking relationships.

WeWork Avenue des Canadiens

Broccolini was given the mandate for the interior fit-up of the second Montreal location of WeWork an American-based company .

Public Works and Government Services Canada

In order to achieve its goal of increasing the efficiency of public service operations and eliminate unnecessary costs, the Government of Canada opted to modernize its systems which includes, among other initiatives, the addition of a new centre of expertise in Miramichi.


Business telecommunications and networking company, Ciena, needed to expand their facilities in order to respond to their growth. The project consisted of 3 buildings, including 2 new buildings, for a total area of 425,000 square feet located in the new Ottawa Campus. The project represents an investment of $150 million.

Traffic Tech

In order to meet the demands of the company's growth, Traffic Tech will be moving into the Quartier Évolution, a Broccolini commercial development located in Kirkland on Highway 40.

Broccolini Corporate Centre Saint-Laurent 2

This modern building symbolizes the contribution that Broccolini continues to make to the growth and competitiveness of the West Island. This complex, which will add to the company's list of LEED® Certified buildings, is the second by Broccolini built in the heart of the Technoparc Montréal's Saint-Laurent Campus.


Opt for a peaceful environment located just minutes from downtown or from the Montreal Pierre-Elliot-Trudeau International Airport.

Broccolini Corporate Centre Kirkland

Located directly on the Trans-Canada Highway, this $75 million project consisted of the renovation of an existing building and the construction of a brand new one. The facility was built in compliance with the most stringent environmental standards and qualifies for LEED® Certification, a first in the city of Kirkland.

Public Works and Government Services Canada

This 15-floor building of the Department of Public Works and Government Services Canada, presents architecture that incorporates both heritage features as well as modern technology. The building was designed to meet the needs of the nearly 4,000 federal employees occupying the space.

BMW Training Facility

An extension of BMW's Canadian Head Office, this training centre is a high-end facility with high-tech service bays adjacent to the training rooms and the BMW Academy. This high quality facility features a green and environmentally-friendly designed structure.

Export Development Canada EDC

Located in the heart of Ottawa's Central Business District, the EDC occupies a monumental landmark which represents the largest office construction project in the Capital's downtown area for the past 25 years. "150 Slater Street" brings depth and sophistication to the Ottawa skyline, elevating the standards for future construction in the sector.

Laurentian Place

Laurentian place is an office building with commercial spaces located on the ground floor. This development offers the advantages of being in the suburbs while also providing the benefits of a downtown environment. Convenient establishments, such as restaurants and shopping, are all within walking distance.

Durham College

This post-secondary institution is located on the north side of Highway 401, in the center of the revitalized downtown Pickering, directly connected to the pedestrian bridge that spans across the 14 lanes of Highway 401. The building is shared by Durham College and Centennial College.

Pfizer Canada

Pfizer Canada made a significant investment in order to renovate and update their headquarters located in Kirkland, on the West Island of Montreal.

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Located at 455 de la Carrière Boulevard, this building is the second tower of a design-build project undertaken simultaneously by Broccolini. This 12-storey building was designed in compliance with the strictest standards for LEED® Gold Certification.

Broccolini Corporate Centre Saint-Laurent 1

The strategic location of this 4-storey building provides it with good visibility in addition to being situated in the heart of rapidly developing business centre.


The Canadian headquarters of Schlüter-Systems is a building that includes office space, a showroom, training facilities and a warehouse for finished products. Emphasizing the comfort of the occupants, energy efficiency, flexibility, durability, and ease of maintenance, the design of the building is as much a reflection of the company's philosophy as it is a showcase for their products.

Société Immobilière Courbec

This building, adjacent to another building inaugurated in 2009, located at the junction of Highways 10 and 30, stands out by offering an environment that favors business opportunities.

Telus House

A truly unique building! Located on the corner of Bank and Slater Streets, this 9-storey building, the creation of Richard Chmiel Architect & Associates, was designed to meet the most stringent demands for energy efficiency in Canada in order to attain LEED® (Leadership Energy and Environmental Design) Gold Certification.

Schering Canada

Due to its growth in terms of staff over the previous five (5) years, Schering Plough Canada announced the construction of a new head office. This building was the company's third located on the West Island, where it had already established a distribution centre and its manufacturing operations.

EMS Satcom

The construction of this 2-floor building made it possible to meet the company's record growth. The building not only satisfied their need for more space but also offered a more efficient configuration, giving them the ability to develop and deliver new products.


Exhibiting a contemporary and stylish look, the architecture of this building reflects the customer's desire to confirm its leading role in America, while also supporting sustainable development. The realization of the project ensured the integration of environmentally responsible strategies recognized by the LEED® rating system.

Trava Inc.

Construction of a 3-storey building for real estate property operator Trava Inc.

IMS Health

IMS Health, a global leader in providing information, services, and technology to the pharmaceutical industry, was looking for a new facility that could meet their specific needs in terms of growth and also of safety.

Forzani Sports Experts

Place Forzani is not only the largest exhibition hall in Laval, offering a multitude of services, but also houses the franchise office of FGL Group, the largest sporting goods retailer in Canada. The building consists of administrative areas as well as spaces for conventions and trade shows.


Established in Canada for 25 years, Festo wanted to renovate and expand their existing facilities in order to respond to their growth. Festo is a company that is globally recognized, in nearly 176 counties around the world, as synonymous with innovation and technology.

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