Delis Lus


Delis Lus is a problem solver by nature. He relishes the task of studying a challenge, getting to know it intimately and then building scenarios—some obvious, others less apparent—that address the issue at hand to the ultimate satisfaction of all concerned. During his 30-year career in the design, construction and development industries, Delis has been called on countless times to provide this expertise to his employers and his clients. Whether assessing properties, developing buildings or launching new ventures in foreign markets, he has delivered in spades. “Credibility is everything,” he says. “My background in real-estate and construction tells our clients and our partners that I have gained significant experience. That in turn gives them the confidence to allow me to find the right solutions for their needs. When you build that kind of confidence with clients and partners, solving their real estate problems becomes a lot easier.” As the V.P. Real Estate Development, Delis is now charged with the job of further expanding Broccolini’s market presence in the Greater Toronto Area. He’s not worried in the slightest by the scope of the task before him. That’s in part because he understands the uniqueness of Broccolini’s service offering. (“Not many firms in Ontario can match Broccolini’s concept-to-completion approach to development and construction,” he says.) It’s also because he’s spent his entire career thinking up new ways to address complex challenges, formulate execution plans and deliver successful solutions.

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