Jean Langlois possesses over 15 years of experience in management, specializing in the field of Communications and Marketing. In his previous position he oversaw the creation and execution of communications and marketing plans for the launch and sales of several multi-residential projects valued into the multi-millions. He has extensive experience in the development, planning, management and evaluation of advertising campaigns and promotional materials. A natural leader, Jean has a proven track record of skillfully leading teams and orchestrating a vast network of consultants and subcontractors through the successful realization of projects.

Jean joined Broccolini as Director of Communications and Marketing in November 2014. In this role, he establishes the company’s advertising and marketing strategies and develops and manages the production of marketing materials and tools, including print and electronic media. He coordinates various events and presentations, all with the goal of advancing the reputation of Broccolini’s brand and projects. He is also responsible for external communications with industry stakeholders and the media, as well as for internal communications with partners and employees.

Jean has strong analytical skills and a sharp eye for detail but never loses sight of the bigger picture. Highly creative, he possesses an uncanny ability to predict future trends in media and advertising and is recognized by his colleagues and peers as a trailblazer in his field. “My goal is to always be one step ahead of marketing trends and technologies,” he says. As a result, his marketing strategies and campaigns never fail to elicit interest, capturing the attention of target audiences and the industry as a whole.

With an educational background in Public Relations, and armed with strong communication and networking skills, Jean is also a talented negotiator and possesses a natural ability to develop and maintain long-term strategic partnerships.

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