1. 1949

    Donato Broccolini’s start in the business

    Inspired by his uncle and wanting to follow in his footsteps into the construction business in Montreal, Donato Broccolini finished his studies in engineering and then built his first house, which he sold for $16,000. That first project led Donato to build whole blocks of homes and eventually entire neighbourhoods.

  2. 1982

    Broccolini Construction

    Already entrepreneurs from a young age, Joseph, John, Paul and Peter joined their father in order to expand the company's expertise and focus on commercial construction. The company adopts the name Broccolini Construction.

  3. 1982

    First commercial project

    Thanks to the enthusiasm and tenacity that Broccolini has become known for, the owner of Avenue Pontiac Buick awards the company with the contract for the project that became their first 1-million-dollar project and marked their foray into commercial construction.

  4. 1986

    Innotech Aviation

    After working in collaboration with architect Rick Rubin for the Avenue Pontiac Buick project, the relationship between Broccolini and Rick Rubin continues to thrive while they work together for the construction of a helicopter hangar for Innotech Aviation.

  5. 1990

    Molson distribution and sorting centre

    The construction of the 300,000-sq. ft. Molson bottling and distribution centre was Broccolini's largest project up to that time. Molson needed a facility large enough to handle the reception, sorting and distribution of bottles.

  6. 1992

    Cavendish Mall

    Broccolini was awarded the mandate of its first major retail renovation and expansion of the Cavendish Mall. The company had to overcome a number of challenges to bring this project to life. For example; building a second floor on top of a building for which an expansion was never planned, and having to execute the work without disrupting the shopping centre's existing tenants.

  7. 1994

    New business opportunity: Real Estate Services

    In an effort to distinguish themselves, Broccolini added another string to their bow with the acquisition of their first property, located in the city of Pointe-Claire. This building became the springboard that launched the company into the Real Estate services sector.

  8. 1999

    Broccolini turns 50

    Broccolini marked its 50th year in business. The company celebrated this major milestone surrounded by its employees, suppliers, subcontractors, etc.

  9. 2004

    Broccolini extends their reach

    Anthony Broccolini, Domenic Fabiano and Guy Pelletier lead the company into a new market – Ottawa. The three of them worked together to tackle a project that the company had never built before: a high-rise building. They successfully developed a new niche for the company, helping Broccolini to become a more complete and versatile construction company.

  10. 2004

    Canadian Tire Distribution Centre

    Broccolini was awarded the mandate for the construction of a distribution centre for Canadian Tire located in Coteau-du-Lac. With a surface area of 1.6M sq. ft., this project was the biggest that Broccolini had ever built.

  11. 2007

    First project in Ottawa: Telus House

    After many attempts at gaining a foothold in the Ontario market, Broccolini receives its first noteworthy mandate – the construction of a head office for Telus. In addition to being their first high-rise construction, the building was built according the strict standards of the Canada Green Building Council in order to achieve LEED Gold certification.

  12. 2009

    Export Development Canada

    Following a competitive tenders process, Broccolini was awarded the mandate for the development and construction of the EDC head office building. In addition to achieving LEED Gold certification, Broccolini created a landmark monument which proved to be the largest office construction project built in downtown Ottawa in the last 25 years.

  13. 2010

    Public Works and Government Services Canada

    Broccolini is awarded the contract for the construction of two office buildings for the ministry of PWGSC. Totaling more than 900,000 sq. ft. of LEED-certified office space, Broccolini was able to officially carve out its place for good in the Ontario market and become one of the major players in construction in Ottawa.

  14. 2011

    Broccolini opens an office in Toronto

    Now that Broccolini has established its notoriety in the national capital, the company takes on the Toronto market. From renovations to residential, industrial, commercial and retail builds, Broccolini's projects only continue to multiply.

  15. 2012

    Saputo Stadium

    Ready to join the Major League Soccer (MLS), the Montreal Impact required a larger stadium tailored to its future needs. In June 2011, mandated by the team's president Joey Saputo, Broccolini started work on the expansion and modification of the complex. The original stadium accommodated around 13,000 spectators; it can now accommodate up to 20,000 spectators.

  16. 2017

    The first skyscraper

    The leaders of the company have always had a common goal; to build a skyscraper in Broccolini's hometown of Montreal. Consisting of three sculpted rectilinear volumes, creating a majestic stepped-tower silhouette, L/Avenue forever changed the Montreal skyline & became the tallest residential tower in the city. Furthermore, the podium of the tower houses businesses & office space and adds architectural richness to the vibrant neighbourhood.

  17. 2020

    Maison de Radio-Canada

    The Broccolini group is selected to build the new headquarters for CBC/Radio-Canada in Montreal. The new Maison de Radio-Canada will serve as a creative hub for media production in the city and help the public broadcaster remain the cultural, technological and community focal point they have always been. Construction of the state-of-the-art facility was completed in late 2019.

  18. 2023

    700 St. Jacques / Victoria sur le Parc

    Broccolini launches its biggest mixed-use project to date on the doorsteps of downtown and Old Montreal. The 58-storey skyscraper includes a residential tower, Victoria sur le Parc, with 400 refined, modern residential units, as well as a nine-storey mixed-use podium, the 700 St. Jacques, offering 330,000 sq. ft. of leasable commercial and office space.


Broccolini launched its operations in 1949 when founder Donato Broccolini built a single-family home in Montreal. From his beginnings in the industry, Donato always stressed the importance of honesty, integrity, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial spirit. But perhaps the most significant values he lived by were the importance of developing lasting relationships – with customers and collaborators alike – as well as an emphatic pride in producing work of exemplary quality.

Over the years, these values helped him to develop the trust and confidence of his clients and the business quickly progressed from smaller, more modest constructions to projects and ventures that paved the way for expansion, establishing the basis for the company as it is today.


In the late 1970s, the company shifted its focus from residential construction to the industrial and commercial sectors. In the 1980s, Donato recruited his three sons – John, Joseph and Paul – to support him in running the business. Together, the Broccolinis saw the company move into new markets; building sophisticated retail outlets, manufacturing facilities, and industrial complexes across Quebec.

Along the way, Broccolini also expanded into the real estate market, purchasing strategically located land, which in turn became the sites for many of the company’s proudest projects.

Today, three generations of Broccolinis run the business, diligently guiding its growth in Quebec, in Ontario and throughout Canada. Supporting them is a team of more than 500 dedicated employees with experience in disciplines of all kinds; engineering, architecture, real estate, development and, of course, construction.

Broccolini - History


Much has changed since the company was founded. Our firm has expanded significantly, we have diversified our activities, and we build in ways that were unimaginable 60 years ago. Despite these changes, one thing has and always will remain the same;

Each member of our team is passionately committed to upholding the Broccolini philosophy; to build great buildings and great relationships.


We develop and build remarkable buildings and foster enduring relationships with our people, our partners and our clients.


We make it happen!


We are proud of our brand, projects and people. Our pride in all these things is a direct product of our passion for our work. From the smallest detail to the big picture, we commit ourselves fully to every task, approaching every project with the same goal in mind, to be able to say with pride: We built that!


Embodying the entrepreneurial spirit is about more than just having good business sense. It’s about taking initiative, innovating, and putting our creativity, intelligence and skill to work where they are valued most: on our clients’ jobsites.


Collaboration is essential to producing great results. For a project to be completed on time and on budget, every person involved must work together. We believe that collaboration is founded on mutual respect and open and honest communication between our clients, our partners and ourselves.


We deliver on our promises. We act with integrity and with the highest ethical standards in everything we say and do, ensuring that we maintain the trust and respect of our customers, of our partners and of our employees.


From new construction and comprehensive turn-key design-build projects, to expansions, renovations and interior fit-outs, Broccolini can envision, plan, and build the space you need.

We always work in close collaboration with our clients. This enables us to accommodate their specific requirements regarding design and construction, and to meet, or even exceed their expectations in terms of budget and deadlines.

Broccolini’s ultimate aim is to develop lasting relationships with our partners and clients alike. Over the years, this core company philosophy has helped Broccolini earn the standing of trusted partner to many prominent brands and national and international enterprises, including, to name a few, Canadian Tire, Best Buy, Sobeys, Wal-Mart, Costco, Purolator, Amazon, National Bank, Ikea, Saks Fifth Avenue, ABB, Mountain Equipment Co-op, XTL Transport, and Public Works and Government Services Canada.


In recent years, Broccolini has diversified its activities, making a strong move into real estate development. As a developer and property owner with an impressive and diversified portfolio of land and properties, Broccolini designs, builds, and manages state-of-the-art office, industrial and mixed-use buildings and complexes. Whether brought on board at the design stage or as general contractor, construction manager or developer, Broccolini offers partnership, professionalism and peace of mind.

We can help you find the space you need, in the location you want and build it to your specifications.


Broccolini is a leader in the design and construction of state-of-the art office spaces. We have built everything from custom single-tenant office buildings, multi-tenant complexes and high-rise office buildings, to multi-phase office tower projects and mixed-use buildings. Broccolini also has proven expertise in the development of environmentally friendly office spaces, including LEED certified construction.

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As contractor, construction manager and design-builder, Broccolini has built more than 20 million square feet of industrial space. We have developed expertise in every type of industrial buildings, including manufacturing, warehousing, processing, distribution and combined office/industrial facilities. We also have extensive experience in the design and construction of specialized spaces, such as laboratories, clean rooms, refrigerated cold storage facilities and more.

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Broccolini has accumulated a remarkable portfolio of retail builds, from outlet malls and shopping centres to standalone retail stores, car dealerships, entertainment venues, restaurants and mixed-use office/retail buildings. We have extensive experience in carrying out complex builds and renovations with minimal disruption to the flow of ongoing commercial activities, allowing clients to continue to operate throughout the renovation or construction process.

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Backed by a team of experienced in-house real estate professionals, Broccolini develops residential projects from inception to completion, handling everything from concept development, design and architectural services, marketing and sales management, to financing, construction management and residential client relations.

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General Contracting

Broccolini wholly embraces this commitment to ‘green building’ by advocating for sustainable design and construction at every opportunity, encouraging clients to consider environmentally friendly building products and practices and helping them to become even more environmentally responsible.

Construction Management

Take advantage of our considerable expertise right from the pre-construction phase. We will help define the scope, the timeline, and the budget of your project. We’ll administer the subcontracts, and plan and coordinate all the construction from the outset through to delivery.


Our professionals will work with you to envision, plan, and build the space you need while meeting truly exacting standards: yours and ours! From concept to completion, we deliver peace of mind and pride of ownership.

Real Estate & Development

Broccolini owns an impressive and diversified portfolio of land and properties throughout Ontario and Quebec. Let us help you find the space you need in the location of your choice. We’ll even build or renovate to suit your specific requirements.

Sustainable building

Since 2002, Broccolini is proud to have built numerous LEED-Certified properties across Ontario and Quebec.

We understand the importance of sustainable building practices. We also know that ‘building green’ requires close collaboration between the design teams, the architects, the engineers, and the client with the common objective of reducing the overall impact of a build on the natural environment. Broccolini wholly embraces this commitment to ‘green building’ by advocating for sustainable design and construction at every opportunity, encouraging clients to consider environmentally friendly building products and practices and helping them to become even more environmentally responsible.