Amazon Whitby YHM-6

Based in the middle of the supply chain, Amazon Robotics Sortation Centers act as the great amalgamation between fulfillment centers and large distribution hubs.

If you have ever wondered how multiple Amazon Prime orders arrive to your doorstep all in one box, it is most likely the work of either a Sortation Center or a Robotics Sortation Center. The main difference in the base building of an ARSC when compared to a regular warehouse is the very stringent criteria to which the concrete floors are constructed. The robots require a very flat surface with the correct reflectance and levelness values in order to operate properly. In addition, large electrical services must be provided along with repair stations to keep the small army of robots running.

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5305 Garrard Road, Whitby, Ontario

Completion Date:


Building Area:

703,527 sq.ft.