Daniel Fagen


Daniel is a graduate of McGill University with a BA in Commerce (Major in Finance), a licensed Real Estate Broker since 2013, and a CFA charterholder since 2017. He has over 11 years of professional experience in real estate investment and financing. Over his career, Daniel has been involved in securing over $4B worth of financing.

Daniel first came on board at Broccolini in 2016 as a Financial Analyst. His dedication and superior analytical skills soon saw him elevated to the position of Senior Financial Analyst & Development Coordinator in 2017. Over time, it became evident that Daniel’s experience and expertise made him a natural and logical fit to lead the management of Broccolini’s real estate investment portfolio, and, in 2019, he was appointed Director of Real Estate Investments.

In this role, Daniel oversees the team responsible for the financial analysis for the acquisition, development, and disposition of all of Broccolini’s projects. He also directs the team in securing, negotiating, and executing the debt financing for all the company’s projects and properties.

Daniel relies on his extensive knowledge and his growth-oriented mindset to contribute to the company’s investment strategies and cultivate favourable partnerships. He supervises and coaches Broccolini’s team of Real Estate Analysts in an atmosphere of collaboration, and he works closely with the Development Managers to ensure opportune investment transactions.

A true people person, Daniel thrives on the day-to-day interactions with his colleagues and with other industry professionals. Daniel is also an avid world traveller, having visited over 15 countries across 3 different continents. He even studied abroad at Tel Aviv University in Israel as part of an MBA-level exchange program, and worked as a volunteer for Volunteers for Peace Vietnam, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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