Frank Digiovanni


Frank Di Giovanni is a 30-year veteran of the Broccolini team. He has a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology and his professional history includes experience in engineering, construction management, site supervision and estimation. As V.P. Estimation, there's not a project budget that leaves Broccolini's office without first being reviewed by Frank's critical eye. He is known for his dedication, his diligence and his meticulousness. Frank is able to break down a project into its elemental components in order to establish the most realistic and accurate budget – a budget that strikes a balance that favors both Broccolini and Broccolini's clients. Despite this thorough and meticulous nature, Frank also has the ability to see the big picture. This combination allows him to shift his attention from project to project without missing a beat or a single detail. Frank puts a strong emphasis on good and open communication, giving him an edge in contract negotiations and helping him to establish long-lasting, positive working relationships with his team, with the subtrades and with partners and clients alike.

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