A great writer once noted, “excellence is in the details.” Mario Garippo agrees. He understands that the success of a project lies in ensuring even the smallest detail is scrutinized. Mistakes made on paper drawings, after all, are compounded when they’re discovered on site. “Focusing on the details is the Broccolini way of doing business,” says Mario. “My team and I go the extra mile to make the customer happy. And to do that, we have to ensure every detail is flawless.” As a project director, Mario finalizes project estimates, issues contracts to subtrades, and generally supervises the direction of every project. He’s also an engineer and a long-term Broccolini employee who leads a team of 5 experts in the firm’s construction department. His approach is shared by those he oversees. “I trust in my team members to do their work perfectly,” he says. “To the last person, I know I can count on them to get the details right.”

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