Mike Lisi


Nothing gives Mike Lisi more satisfaction than the look on his clients’ faces when they walk into their new buildings for the first time. From a building’s conceptual design to its final execution and well beyond Broccolin’s project director works tirelessly to ensure his clients are well cared for. And he loves it when a job ends with a smile and a handshake. As a result of his dedication, Mike gets calls from people he served as long as a decade ago. They want to use Broccolini’s construction services, and they want to make sure Mike is the man to lead the job. “The best part of my job is understanding how a client works, thinking like him or her down to the very last detail,” says Mike. “That means I roll up my sleeves and sit down at the table with every client to make sure everything is perfect.” Mike has a passion for his work and he’s not shy about admitting it. His job, he says, is his playground. It’s what keeps him engaged all day. A disciplined professional, Mike has a background that encompasses all the qualities that best suit a senior director. He holds architectural technologist and engineer accreditations and has worked his way through the ranks of Broccolini, from estimator to project coordinator and, ultimately, project director. “Broccolini is the best school in town for a construction professional to learn a craft,” says Mike. “I give everything to my work every day and I’m always rewarded with new challenges and experiences, and the satisfaction of a job done well.”

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