Ryan Visser


Ryan Visser has 20 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry in various roles, from Labourer and Site Representative, to Site Superintendent, Senior Site Superintendent and Director of Construction. Throughout his career, he has contributed to the realization of an impressive list of complex builds for ICI facilities, boasting an excellent track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Highly organized and detail oriented, Ryan is also a strong proponent of fostering a culture of open communication across the board; with the construction teams, and with the various professionals and consultants. His policy of communication and transparency is particularly beneficial in his dealings with clients who are consequently left with a positive construction experience. This quality is highly prized at Broccolini where great communication is a cornerstone of the company’s corporate philosophy. Gold Seal Certified by the Canadian Construction Association, Ryan has equally complemented his practical experience by participating in numerous academic and training programs, including courses in Civil Engineering, Project Management, and Site Supervision at Sheridan College, as well as a number of other professional development courses, notably at Sheridan College and with the Construction Safety Association of Ontario. Ryan also has a particularly impressive performance history with respect to on-site Health and Safety, having earned four safety awards for the Best Safety Record in his previous position. When asked what he enjoys most about his work, Ryan says simply, “I like the challenge of delivering what to others would seem impossible. I love watching the projects evolve, knowing that I am an integral part of the team.” Ryan also values his supervisory role as it enables him to serve as a mentor and coach for his staff, guiding them in their professional development by imparting his knowledge and experience.

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