Valerie Kim


Valerie's passion for human resources started nearly twenty years ago when she got her start as a Recruiter at an international recruitment firm. For close to 7 years Valerie recruited for executive and technical roles in the construction, mining, manufacturing and IT industries. In 2007, Valerie joined the Broccolini team as their first employee in the Human Resources department.

Since joining Broccolini, Valerie has built a well-respected Human Resources team. She and her team support all divisions and business units across our three offices. Valerie currently holds the role of Vice-President of Human Resources and has been instrumental in building our teams across the organization as it experienced tremendous growth over the years.

Valerie plays an integral part in creating, promoting and being an ambassador of the Broccolini culture and this can be quickly felt through a short conversation with her. She is passionate about the human-element of business. Valerie's ability to build robust relationships, listen, analyze and understand complex situations and dynamics has allowed her to be a trusted member of the Broccolini management team.

Two days are never the same in Valerie's world as her role touches on every aspect of the organization. She is particularly active in the areas of organizational development, talent management, succession planning and leadership development, and plays an active role in some of the company's committees.

Valerie is a trusted resource for employees and managers alike - her door is always open, and this is very appreciated by all those she supports.

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