Wellspring Ottawa Maplesoft Centre

Broccolini, July 6th 2010, Read the article

Wellspring Ottawa Maplesoft Centre

Broccolini Construction has been selected by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation to construct the new Wellspring Ottawa Maplesoft Centre. Maplesoft Centre is a 10,000 sq. ft. 2-storey residential style office / treatment facility with full basement. Maplesoft Centre is intended to be a leading component in the Ottawa region in the fight against cancer by assisting patients and their families to deal with the psychological effects of cancer.

Ottawa has been very kind to Broccolini Construction with a significant amount of work both completed and underway in this town. It is very rewarding to be involved with a project of this kind and to give back to the community, especially by leveraging our core strengths inConstruction and Project Management.

Broccolini Construction will be utilizing its vast relationships with hundreds of trades and suppliers cultivated over 60 years of business to construct this building as cost-effectively as possible. To that effect, we will be requesting that trades, suppliers and workmen donate their materials, manpower and expertise to the Maplesoft Centre. Ultimately, any monies saved from the construction of the facility will then be re-directed into programming and patient care to improve the lives of people and their families battling cancer.

Eddy Carbone will be the Project Manager for the execution of the project, along with our new Site Superintendent Lucas Talbot. Construction is underway and will be completed by February 1st, 2011. Eddy will be approaching our preferred professionals and subtrades to discuss how to engage them in the design and construction of this building.

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