Broccolini has recently been informed of fraudulent recruitment activities targeting people outside of Canada. The suspected organization or individuals are sending employment contracts pretending to be Broccolini representatives and are requesting personal information to start an immigration procedure for employment in Canada. Please be cautious of these emails as they are considered fraudulent and a way of stealing money and identity as well as other personal information from you.

Broccolini’s recruitment process always includes in-person interviews with a member of our Human Resources team and/or a member of our management team prior to any official employment offer. Money would never be requested in exchange for a position or to secure a visa to enter Canada.

We recommend that you do not respond to unsolicited employment offers from people with whom you are unfamiliar and suggest that you report them to your local authorities. If you think you have received a fraudulent employment offer, please forward it to and ensure to include the original subject line, email address of sender and complete message including attachments.

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Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator


The Occupational Health & Safety Coordinator is the designated health and safety representative responsible for promoting awareness, prevention, training, and the Internal Responsibility System to all workplace parties. This position interprets health & safety legislations and make recommendations to ensure compliance and due diligence by all employees and on-site personnel.


Joint Health & Safety Committee

  • Establish a Joint Health & Safety Committee and ensure each trade has an elected member
  • Prepare meeting agendas & chair Joint Health & Safety Committee meetings
  • Investigate work refusal and work stoppage cases
  • Establish new compliance procedures, when necessary to prevent future related work orders
  • Prepare inspection schedules for all committee members
  • Liaise with external legal authorities when responding to complaints
  • Provide employee safety training and awareness on current and upcoming legislation


  • Conduct workplace inspections and document accordingly
  • Assess unsafe conditions and practices and recommend alternative actions and/or procedures to ensure compliance
  • Document corrective measures and follow up to maintain compliance

Accident and Emergency Response

  • Develop, implement and provide training on emergency response rescue and evacuation plans
  • Post emergency response plans and signage
  • Request emergency plans from all trade supervisors for all scopes of work occurring onsite
  • Review emergency plans and make for recommendations for improvement, as needed
  • Install first aid kit stations and fire extinguisher stations where needed
  • Verify first aid kit and fire extinguisher stations for necessary refills, incident records and up to date first aid books
  • Inspect and maintain emergency items including signage, air horns, floor plan evacuation route, fire extinguishers, rescue equipment
  • Maintain the emergency worker count on the man-count board
  • As the designated First Aid person onsite, provide treatment to injured workers and document accordingly
  • Issue Notice of Compliance reports for non-compliance issues
  • Implement disciplinary action for violations
  • Coordinate corrective actions
  • Write disciplinary action reports
  • Issue, review and record all infraction notice ticket books

General Administration

  • Assist in problem solving, ongoing complaints from workers, enforcement and disciplinary measures (document verbal, written & expulsion.)
  • Stop work when unsafe work practices or conditions are encountered
  • Coordinate with the superintendent and/or related supervisor on alternative safe procedures
  • Attend project start-up meetings and coordinate site specific health & safety requirements
  • Monitor housekeeping and address concerns with Site Superintendent
  • Gather contractual documents prior to trades mobilizing onsite and advise the Health & Safety Manager to stop payment for outstanding documents
  • Verify and copy worker certification and trade qualification documents


  • College degree in Occupational Health & Safety
  • Minimum 3 years in Health & Safety in the construction industry or related construction site experience
  • Certified member of the Joint Health & Safety Committee
  • Health & Safety Officer Designation
  • Valid certification in First Aid
  • Various health & safety awareness and formal certifications eg. scaffolding, confined space, etc.
  • Training for Propane Handling
  • Must possess a valid driver's license
  • Knowledge of Health and Safety legislations
  • Ability to delegate and influence others to follow safety rules and regulations
  • Strong administrative skills, Proficient in writing correspondences, safe work procedures, site memos, etc.
  • Strong computer skills
  • Professional, Patient and calm
  • Problem solving skills
  • Able to show a strong presence for crowd control and emergency response
  • Displays a sense of urgency
  • Ability to work at elevated heights

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